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    Filter where data is missing for all filtered settings

    Kofi Ramsay

      I have been trying to filter a dimension based on information missing from all years selected.


      The data that I have is all dates where the data is missing. The dashboard works as planned when there is only one year selected. The problem is whenever 2 or more years are selected at a time I will like only attributes where all selected years are missing.


      I have tried a combination of parameters and level of detail calculations but none seem to work correctly. I would like to use a table calculation but cannot since I would like a filter.


      Packaged Workbook Attached.


      For example: I will only want those attributes with number of records of 2 to show. Those with number of records of 1 should be hidden because they are not missing from both of the years in the filter 2016 & 2017.

      Screenshot 2018-11-27 23.03.33.png



      In this example all years are selected and only those attributes that are missing every year should be shown.


      Screenshot 2018-11-27 23.03.18.png