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    Create a sheet that uses vertical bar, text table and shapes all in one

    Tony R



      I need help. Trying to create a sheet (a dashboard won't work) that will accomplish this look. i've got close, but can't pull it all together. i've attached a sample of what i'm trying to do. Dashboard 1 is what I want it to look like. sheet called 'without year/date' is my close attempt, but as soon as I add year and date to column I get multiple. Dashboard won't work, as depending on the client you chose the amount of apps showing will vary and the 'Total, 3m AVG, TREND' won't align and I want to give a seamless experience to the end user. Any way to accomplish? The sheet labeled 'with year/month---need help' is what happens when I add year and date. As you can see it doesn't look like Dashboard 1.