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    Trending Calculations based on dates and calculated field

    Jeremy Salmons

      I'm trying to forecast and trend a period worth of data, so let's say I have 14 days in the current period. I can trend that data, and it seems to be an accurate based on the R-squared value of .44 an the p-value of .00629. I'm unable to choose the forecast option. I may not fully understand how trending works, but I assumed if I'm working with 14 days of data it would calculate it by days. So I'm trying to come up with my own function.

      I've tried to calculate something that would just indicate if the trend was going up, equal to or down based on this calculation:

      IF [Daily Good LBS AVG]-2 > [Daily Good LBS AVG]-1 THEN "Trending Up"

      ELSEIF [Daily Good LBS AVG]-2 = [Daily Good LBS AVG]-1 THEN "No Change"

      ELSEIF [Daily Good LBS AVG]-2 < [Daily Good LBS AVG]-1 THEN "Trending Down"


      If you can't tell by what I'm attempting to do this in calculation, I'm trying to get the calculated field ([Daily Good LBS AVG]) two days ago, and compare it to ([Daily Good LBS AVG]) yesterday, then indicate the direction in which it's trending. Needless to say this calculation isn't working.

      Does anyone have any input as to the best direction I should take in this issue?