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    Double Filter for Finance Dashboard

    Hannah Phillips

      I have a finance dashboard for reviewing revenue by geography and product line, however I am having issues with creating a double filter to look at Product by Geography.  Every time you click on one dimension (either Product or Geography) the other filter is removed.  Is it possible to do a double filter on a dashboard?  If so, how? 

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          Jim Dehner

          Hi Hannah

          Filters remove records from the underlying table for the viz - if the record contains the field that is filtered "Out" the record is gone - so the short answer is no you can't do what you want with filters - but you can do it with sets - sets will group records into those with the field "IN" and those that don't - all records are still available - you can then combine the sets or use them in conditional statements with OR or AND logic connecting the sets = e.g   IN set for Geography AND  IN set for product -


          If you post your book - even with some dummy data - i'll look at it



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