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    Newbie trying to create a viz but can't get data to play nice.

    Dustin Fleming

      I am trying to create a dashboard that illustrates the following


      Seperate Male and Female into individual dimensions


      Show the number of male participants


      Show number of female percentages


      Illustrate change in the percentage of weight loss


      Show if males or females lost a higher percentage


      Show diet with best results


      I am having can't seem to figure out how to add the data to the sheet in a way that these things are accomplished. I started with a public data set (attached) that I cleaned with Tableau Prep and modified in a way that I thought would make it easy to accomplish the above items. Instead, I can't seem to get the males separated from the females or single out any of the diets to show the overall effectiveness of them from most to least. Any direction to how I might be able to get these goals to translate to a viz would be great. All the files I am using are attached.