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    Independent Filter Change Events??

    Michael Summons

      Hello All,


      I am currently working with a web based application that uses a combination of JavaScript for the framework and Tableau visuals as the output. It is currently running slower than ideal and believe it has to do with how I am using the event handler for filter changes. I'm curious to know if it is possible to create independent event handlers for filters? (Has anyone successfully tried?)


      The filtering in the app is basically a grouping of quick filters created in Tableau as a separate file/dashboard and the dashboard is called in through JavaScript. The current event handler triggers when any filter changes and calls a function which runs through each filter (9 total) and applies the current values to the other dashboards on the webpage. I don't believe this is an efficient method as it does take some time to clear the filters and return all dashboards to their original view. I would like to set up filter change event handlers that are independent for each filter, but not sure if that is even an option.


      If anyone has successfully worked through this issue I would love to find out how!!