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    change the size of bars in bar chart using different measure

    Amit M

      Hi All,


      I was able to create the bar chart using measure values and measure name as shown in below image. If you look at closely, the bar size is varying based on the same measures because on size it uses 'Measure Values' which includes all the measures which are present in the view. My requirement is to change the size of bars base on other measures which i have in my data set. for example: Leads Nurture rate bar size should be derived from 'Leads' measure, similarly Contacts Nurture rate bars size should be derived from 'Contacts' measure, Application Nurture bar size from 'Applications' measure and last Enrollment Nurture bar size from 'Enrollments' measure.


      I have all these measures in my attached tableau 2018.3 version workbook. Is this possible in tableau by twisting the view. Thanks for your help on advance.  



      Amit M