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    Refresh data source to tableau online without Bridge client

    venkatasuresh Guddanti



        We have one workbook with few dashboards in it , I used multiple XLS files as source to build the workbook. Our organization is not ready to install Tableau bridge yet as it has to go through some approvals. As a stop gap I was trying to explore is there any way I can at least manually update the data source files to server . I published  source files to online but they won't get refreshed and I get error like the one pasted below , this may be due to no Bridge to connect to our infrastructure.


      Is there any way I can refresh the xls to online manually so that workbook can get latest data , this is monthly report so uploading sources manually is OK for few months.


      I am new to tableau and this is my first workbook that I am trying to publish so still learning things. If this is really silly question please excuse.