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    Unable to select a data point on a scatter point due to a required annotation in the scatter area. (Image)

    Santiago Canon

      I have a scatter chart with 4 quadrants. Each quadrant has an annotation signaling what the given scatter area indicates. However, if I want to select a point behind the text box of the annotation I wont be able to because instead of filtering to the selected data point it selects the text box of the annotation. Here is an image attached of what happens:     



                Tableau Bug.PNG




      As you see there are red data point behind that text box, any time I tried to select one of those data points it would do what the image is doing rather than filtering to the selected data point. Is there any way I could prevent that from happening and or layer the text behind the data point. Moreover, you can select a data point by dragging the mouse cursor (essentially a lasso box)  over data points but I would like to be able to select data point just by clicking and not dragging a text box over selected data points.


      I am aware you could possibly use a legend but that is something I would not want to use.