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    Strange Refresh Situation

    Mike Due

      My name is Mike, but I'm posting this on behalf of a client of mine, named Jeff. All I have to go on is a posting he put into his company's yammer feed. I'd love to come up with some kind of pointers to share with him so he can perhaps get this resolved by looking in the right area. Here's his statement of the problem:


      "I am having trouble getting one of my dashboards to auto refresh. I have another one that works fine. Both link to an excel file on O365. For the one that works, when I set a refresh schedule and publish the dashboard, it asks me to embed my credentials so it can do the refresh daily. This makes sense, but for the one that does not work, it never asks me for my credentials when I publish and I can't figure out how to add them, thus the refresh fails each day. Anyone have any troubleshooting ideas?"


      Thanks for your help, in advance.