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    Tableau Prep and Oracle DB - approach

    Krzysztof Bordzan

      Hi All,


      I have a question related to technical aspect/approach when connecting to Oracle DB from Tableau Prep.


      Currently for reporting we are using OBIEE (Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition), where all models, dimensions and facts are created in repository.


      I have connected Tableau Prep to Oracle schema used in RPD, and now I'm wondering about better approach.

      I can try to replicate in Tableau Prep repository model connecting all tables as it is in repository and save it as source to which Tableau Desktop will be connected.

      Or maybe better solution is to create in Oracle DB separate schema/table where all tables will be connected, and Tableau Desktop will connect to this table.


      Where in such situation? Had some design thoughts? Which one can work better?

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          Rodrigo Calloni

          Hello Krzysztof


          I see Tableau Prep (or any other ETL tool) as a mechanism to allows users to prepare their data without having to manipulate the source system.


          In general any of your two proposals will work. But if you can do all the work in a single tool, why touch the source? Unless there is a huge performance gain, I would do all the ETL on Prep, including replicating your models, the data massage and necessary transformations.


          But that is basically my opinion as a Prep user that has no access to manipulating the sources. Maybe other sys Admins will differ on this.


          Note: you can always do a AB testing. Test one of the solutions, check its performance and then replicate the solution on Prep and see if it is compatible.


          I hope this helps