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    slack and Tableau integration

      1. Do I need Kiwi or PushMetric to integrate slack and tableau?
      2. Does it require a tableau server or is tableau desktop enough?
      3. Anybody has step by step procedure or any link to configure?
      4. Is it free or paid?
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          Alexis Estevez

          Hi Saurabh.c.O,


          I have contacted both companies for estimates about what would take to have a Tableau integration for our Tableau Server. Costs were significant with one of the companies. The other company just stopped answering my emails.


          I ended using an email subscription in Tableau Server and the "Email" app in Slack. Every monday morning, our Tableau Server sends the updated dashboard to my email address. Outlook automatically forwards it using a rule. It gets automatically published in the Slack channel I chose. It is an image of the dashboard, but it is has a hyperlink to the interactive dashboard.


          For your information, we have a VPN-protected Tableau Server.


          Good luck!


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            Thanks for detailed response. can you name some usecase scenarios where this integration actually makes sense. if its all about getting dadhboards in slack through chatbot like window, the kiwi or pushmetric investment wont make much sense as we already have many features in tableau server itself like scheduling reports, periodic refresh etc.

                   Do you have a link which you used to configure the monday morning dashboard delievery. ( i am assuming this can be done without using kiwi or pm)