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    Clear Previous Selection

    Nalini Kumar K



      I have two text tables which display counts, in one of my dashboards. Both these tables have different filter actions applied on them. The actions are working fine. However, when I click on the count from table 1 and then when I click on the count from table 2, the count I selected in Table 1 is still highlighted. So now, both the counts are highlighted, which is confusing for the users. How do I clear the previous selection?


      I know we can manually deselect/clear the selection but the user wants the previous selection to be automatically cleared when they select a new object/value.



      Nalini Kumar K


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          Akram Ebrahim

          Hi Nalini,


          Try to remove all the highlighter from the source sheet.


          On the color legend of the worksheet- > Right click -> Uncheck Highlight selected items



          Let me know this solved your issue?

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            Akram Ebrahim

            Hi Nalini,


            Create a calculation:


            Drag this calculation to the Table 1 worksheet detailed mark card





            Create a highlight filter from dashboard on table 1 as source sheet.


            E.G. Inplace of Only Report Shapes Change you can choose table1 sheet.


            Now when you click the table 1 sheet it will not highlight as before. If you want the same in other worksheets, then create another highlight filter action for the same. Hope this helps!

            Plz mark this response as helpful and correct if this solve the problem

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