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    Using fields outside of pivot table

    Katherine Dinsmore

      Hi Tableau users,

      I have created a pivot table with numerous fields of data (each field represents a question) which works great for most of what I need to do. However, there are times when I want to use one of the pivot fields to slice data but can't access the fields independently once they've been added to the pivot?!


      For example: let's say the pivot table has 5 fields (or 5 questions): [Q1][Q2][Q3][Q4][Q5] - Now this great as a pivot table when I want to filter the data to see [Q5] data, or a combination of results, but what if I want to see how [Q2] changes/influences [Q5]? Is there a way to reference/access a field trapped (for lack of a better description) in a pivot table so it can be used outside of the pivot field? So, for example, if I wanted to grab [Q2] and use it as a separate filter on [Q5], how do I go about doing that? I think (sorry, so new to this stuff) what I am ultimately trying to understand is how to use or access fields outside of a pivot table once they've been added.


      Any help will be really appreciated!