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    Isolating Population to create set based on status on specific date

    Alissa Nicholls



      I am trying to create a sub population of unique IDs within my dataset to follow status through specifically for them. I have built a calculated filed to assign status by unique ID



      IF [First Date]<>[Run Date] AND [Last Date]<>[Run Date] THEN "Existing"

      ELSEIF [Max Date]=[Run Date] and [First Date]<>[Max Date] THEN "Existing"

      ELSEIF [Min Date]=[Run Date] THEN "Existing"

      ELSEIF [First Date]=[Last Date] AND [Last Date]<[Max Date] THEN "Closed"

      ELSEIF  [First Date]=[Run Date] THEN "New"

      ELSEIF [First Date]=[Max Date] THEN "New"

      ELSE "Closed" END


      I am trying to say if the status is on this date then give me the unique ids. I can get this but what I can't do is then create a set for those unique IDs to monitor on a daily go forward basis. The way I am isolating the population is causing me to only see the status of these items on 11/15/18.


      IF [New/Existing/Closed]="New" AND [As of
      Date]="11/15/2018" THEN "In"

      ELSEIF [New/Existing/Closed]="Existing" AND [As of
      Date]="11/15/2018" THEN "In"

      ELSE "Out" END


      I am wanting to say if Unique ID has a status of [New/Existing/Closed]="New" or [New/Existing/Closed]="Existing" on 11/15/18 then create a list of those Unique IDs for me to isolate.