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    Latitude and longitude truncating after filtering

    Tsz Wai Lam



      I am currently building a map to show where some specific structures are using latitude and longitude.


      The data looks something like this :

      Structure     Latitude     Longitude

      A123          xx.xxxx          yy.yyyy

      B123          xx.xxxx          yy.yyyy

      C123          xx.xxxx          yy.yyyy

      D123          xx.xxxx          yy.yyyy

      E123          xx.xxxx          yy.yyyy


      When I do not apply any filter, the dashboard works just fine. However, when I filter it by the structure (Lets say A123) - The latitude and Longitude both truncate to two decimal points (xx.xx, yy.yy), which then make it inaccurate for what I want to do with the latitude and longitude - to direct the user of the dashboard to Google Maps using the exact lat and long.




      Sorry, actually I should've been more specific - it is truncated after I publish it. The lat/long is fine while using the Dashboard in Tableau, however when I publish it to the server the lat/long is truncated.


      Thank you for your help!