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    Time Calculation


      Hi, I need help in calculating time difference. Not all employees have the same schedule - some are morning shift, night shift or mid shift.

      I need to know how to calculate:

      1. Time each employee is in different rooms per day/shift

      2. How many employees are in the Break room in same time per day/shift


      I also have different rooms:

      1. Break Room (Break room and Locker room. An employee might go here first to keep things)

      2. Door-In (Door before Prod)

      3. Prod (This will be the main door that will serve as the login)

      4. Room1 (Room inside Prod)

      5. Room2 (Room inside Prod)

      6. Server (Room inside Room2)

      7. Room3 (Room inside Prod)

      8. Door-Out



      Thank you for your help!



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          Don Wise

          Hi Joy,


          Please see attached 2018.3 workbook which partially addresses Question 2: How many employees are in Break Room at same time/hour. by date.


          However there aren't any time parameters given to determine SHIFT.


          You'll still be able to see all of the the underlying data which makes up the data point, by right clicking on the data point as shown below:

          Screen Shot 2018-11-27 at 12.59.32 PM.png

          However, for the first question...I don't know...much harder to do and answer that question in a good and reliable format due to the complexity of the number of rooms involved.  I see lot's of problems if using table calcs and summing of time isn't easy, especially when it crosses over a 24-hour period of time (i.e., Shifts).  I think the only way to answer your question by each room is through table calcs so it might be a very frustrating exercise to accomplish. 


          Just the same, if you can provide your parameters for what a shift would be, that would be a start.  Also, do you have an idea as to how you'd want the final outcome to look like?  It might help others to think about possible solutions and I'll think through some things myself...


          Thx, Don

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