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    View of missed users

    Pavel Sayenko

      Kindly asking community for a help

      There is dataset in attach. There are 2 colomns: dates and user id. Some ids missed in set and my goal is find them out.

      Moreover it must be done through custom conditions like this:



      a1 add to 3-5 (no data from 11/01 till 15/01)
      b1 add to 1-2 (no data from 11/01 till 12/01)
      b1 add to each group (no data at all)
      a1 add to each group (no data at all)
      b1 already there
      Both a1 and b1 in >10


      So, my idea was: DATEDIFF('day', LOOKUP(ATTR(date), -1), ATTR(date)), but it doesn't work, maybe I did something wrong.

      I've tried window_sum/count and so on, but still got nothing.


      Thank for any thoughts