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    MySQL community vs Enterprise

    Kevin Goss



      Has anybody experienced a difference in speed when using Enterprise vs Community on Tableau Desktop?  I have my database in community but when creating the data extract it into Tableau it takes days to process.  I have over 50 million rows and 3 tables that I've joined together. 

      If I import the tables separately they import quickly.  A couple million rows in about 5-10 minutes.  As soon as I try to link them together and create the extract it slows way down. 

      I'm using MySQL community edition server.  Would it be faster on Enterprise?



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          Hello Kevin,


          There are a few things that can affect extract speed. One of them as you found is the number of joins in when performing the extract. One workaround would be to extract them individually and join the Tableau Extracts together.


          Try reducing the size of the extract as well: Tableau Data Extracts - Tips, Tricks and Best Practices | Tableau Software


          The speed of the two different versions of MySQL I cannot speak to. I would possibly post in the MySQL community asking more specifics about the differences between Community and Enterprise. If the Enterprise version is faster than in turn the connection/extract process could be faster.


          Hope this helps!


          Byrne, Patrick

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