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    Standard Deviation from the Mean

    Syeda Rashid

      Hi Tableau Community, I need some help! I haven't done anything with standard deviation since High School, so treat my question as a total amateur question.


      I am trying to find the mean of total number of hours per pay period. Then I have to mark one standard deviation from the mean.
      The purpose is to see how much time staff are typically reporting to a particular code, and then to see how much are under reporting and how much a over reporting.


      Any ideas on how to pull this off?

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          Alan Huddart

          Hi Syeda,


          Could you provide a sample data set and give us an idea of what the end solution should look like (maybe calculate it in Excel so we know exactly what the final numbers should be)?


          There is a Standard Deviation function in Tableau, STDEV(), so the solution should be fairly straightforward, but I will wait for your example before I commit to that