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    YoY Bar Chart with YoY % Change

    Ashley Emery

      Greetings Tableau community, I am looking to create a YoY bar chart, but I would also like to include a circle overlay that shows the %/Actual YoY change. Does anyone know if this is possible in Tableau? See image below;




      I don't have a workbook that I am working from - just curious.

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          kevin flerlage

          I created a similar chart for you using Sample Superstore data. I saved it to my Tableau Public profile and you can access it using the link below or attachment.


          I first created a table of the data and created a Previous Month calculation using Looking (see "@Previous Year Month" calculation).  I then used this to calculate the month over month % change (see "@YoY Change" calculation).


          I then created the chart with Month of Order Date and Year of Order Date on the columns shelf.  I then placed Sales on Rows and changed it to a bar.  From here, I needed to add the circles with the percentage change.  To do this, I chose a value somewhere near the bottom (I chose $10,000).  Next to Sales on the Rows shelf, I double-clicked and typed "Min(10000).  I changed this to a dual axis and synchronized the axis.  On this Min(10000) axis, I changed the mark type to a shape and used a filled circle.  I changed the color to blue.  I added the @YoY Change calculation to the Text card (as a label) and centered it.


          YOY Chart.PNG

          Tableau Public

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            Ashley Emery

            Wow! Kevin! This is exactly what I was looking for. I will follow these steps for my own data source. Many thanks.

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              kevin flerlage

              I'm happy to hear that!!!  You are welcome.


              Would you be so kind to mark this as "answered"?  Thank you!