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    Changing data shown on map by filter (?)

    Steffen M

      Hello everyone,


      I'm absolutely new to Tableau, but have some experience using d3.js.

      For learning purposes and work, I'm trying to create a basic dashboard, showing hires and leavers by grade (two separate bar charts) and by location (map).


      My data source is a long table, with the relevant columns being Location | Month | Type of action (meaning hire, leaver, delta to budget <- only one per row) | Grade | FTE value


      I got the dashboard set up with one map and tow charts. But I cannot figure out how to use the charts as a filter for the map. The idea is, that if I click on, say, the "Manager" bar on the hires chart, it shows me hired managers by location for that month. If I click on the Director bar on the leavers chart, the map changes to show me the leaving directors per location.

      The problem is: I do not know how to switch the type of action (column in my data) and the corresponding values to be displayed on the map. That must be possible somehow?


      Thank you very much.

      I tried to find the answer the whole afternoon yesterday, but obviously I don't know the correct keywords to search for.