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    Extract Refresh Failed

    Ankit Bhuyan



      I have a datasource (redshift table which is truncated and loaded everyday) and which contains approx 6 million data. I have connected this table to tableau version 10.5.

      I have my visualization built on this dataset


      I have created an extract and published it on server. However the extract fails at the scheduled time.(See below the error message).



      There are couple of things to note:

      1. It's showing a connectionless failure..

          The connection doesn't have any problem.Because whenever I go to edit connection and put my credentials and click on "Test". It shows successful.

      2.When I hide few fields(around 10 fields ) of my datasource and create the extract again and republish it to the server, the extract refreshes at the scheduled time.



      Is there any way to have a successful refresh of this size data(My dataset is of size of approx 6million)

      Is there any size limitation or extract refresh timeout(an extract failing because of running for let's say 60 mins).


      Really appreciate your time and patience. Eagerly waiting for an answer.


      Thank You!!

      Ankit Bhuyan

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          Kashish Bhola

          Hi Ankit!


          I would like to ask you where are you publishing your datasource ?

          Tablau Server

          If yes then in which machine is it ?

          If it is in different machine Maybe you need to download the driver on that machine.




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            Ankit Bhuyan

            Hi Kashish,


            Thank you for your response. Coming to your questions:


            Yes I am publishing my workbook onto tableau server.

            Now, coming onto the drivers, if it had been an issue. Then how could my extract refreshes when I hide few columns.


            I have in total 30 columns in my redshift table, which I am connecting to tableau.

            When I hide 10-15 of the unused columns(which are not used in my visualization). The extract gets created faster, which is expected and even my extract schedule gets refreshed at the scheduled time.


            But when I create an extract with all 30 columns and schedule it, the refresh fails.


            Thank You!!

            Ankit Bhuyan