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    Tableau Prep Running Slow

    Erin Freitas

      Hi Guys!

      When I have been using Tableau prep lately, the flow is running so slow. Each time the flow runs and creates a join, I then need to add a cleaning step and the whole process takes another 30 minutes to get the step happening.


      I use a Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga, which only has 8GB of RAM so this could be the issue as the CPU is running at 95% at times.


      I am talking to my IT support about what we can do and they are suggesting to use Tableau Server, which i do not think is the right answer.


      Do i just need to upgrade to something that has 32GB RAM to be able to make sure that it runs properly?

      Are there any other solutions that you might suggest?


      Im so very over waiting for 8 hours to get something to run properly.