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    How to calculate a sum with condition

    Laurène Ruban

      Hi there,


      Thanks in advance for the help and sorry for the beginner question.


      I am working on a database looking like that :


      RegistrantSectorMaterialTotal amount


      I want to represent the total amount depending on the sector. In my example, the total amount for the sector "1" is 123+82=205

      Problem is in the Tableau sheet I can only select a few aggregation functions, among them"Sum" (which would result in 410 here) and "Max" (which would result in 123 here), which don't give me the wanted answer. How should I do?

      For information, I have only 2 registrants (A and B, no C).

      I have thought of calculating a sum under condition, for example :


      If registrant = A

      a = Max(Total amount)

      end if

      If registrant = B

      b = Max(Total amount)

      end if

      c = a+b


      But I don't know if such a code is possible in Tableau.


      Thanks a lot,