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    Can't connect to Snowflake with code=35 msg='SSL connect error'


      Hi all,


      Having a problem with 64-bit windows ODBC connection to snowflake and can't seem to find answers anywhere, including our IT dept.


      Problem is when using the Snowflake or generic ODBC connection from Tableau desktop 2018.2.3 64-bit version.


      I can connect to the web UI snowflake with the same user id and password, but Tableau returns the following error (Snowflake option):


      An error occurred while communicating with Snowflake.

      Invalid username or password.

      [Snowflake][Snowflake] (4)

            REST request for URL https://<myserver>.ap-southeast-2.snowflakecomputing.com:443/session/v1/login-request?requestId=8b726bc9-db7b-4956-b84b-fba088b55aec failed: CURLerror (curl_easy_perform() failed) - code=35 msg='SSL connect error' osCode=2 osMsg='No such file or directory'.

      Invalid username or password.


      At first i though this was a proxy error but I still get the error when going thru public cellular network (laptop tethered to phone). Also, a colleague with the same licence and driver DOES connect OK but i have no clue what the difference between his system and mine is. His ODBC setting look the same to me.


      Any ideas on steps to diagnose this? Note that I have limited ability to install anything on my laptop as its locked down tight by IT, so things that are standard on Windows 7 is probably all I can use.


      Thoughts appreciated.