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    Context filter causing problem with second view

    rao marapatla

      Hi ,


      Here is the workbook  and requirement -


      I have 2 views in workbook

      View 1 : Top 5  and others  (remaining sales)  working fine ( with context filter)

      View 2: Sales % against all sales based on city selection - working fine when I add context filter result are changing

      if I select NYC from global filter it should show NYC sales out of all the citys

      ( I have used LOD(fixed) since we are using context filter its not able to by pass LOD)


      when  I add NYC city  as context filter in view 1: top 5 and others  which is working fine but its impacting other view (view2)



      goals is :

      with global filters - Year,City and product category

      I wanted to show top 5 and rest of others  and second view Sales % against all sales based on city selection -