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    Setting Fixed Max Value of Radial Charts

    Leanne Vermeulen

      Hey guys, perhaps my mathematical mind is just failing me today, but does anyone know how to adjust Toan Hoang's Radial Chart to always be set to a maximum of 10? Tableau Tutorial: Radial Bar Chart


      I have a dataset that contains scores that will never be more than the value "10". So what I want is a radial chart that measures multiple scores out of 10; so it would look something like this:



      The current method uses the value of 270 to set the maximum value in the dataset to take up three quarters of a whole circle. I don't want this relativity; I need an absolute radius of 360 set to a value of 10.


      I've tried modifying the path value, setting values to 10 for those; I've tried manually setting the MAX calculations, as well as a few other things - no luck.


      Any ideas how to achieve this?


      Thanks, guys!

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