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    How to manage different states

    Felipe Villena

      Hi guys,


      I have the following problem and i can't seem to find a working solution.


      I have ID's that can have 4 different states, lets say, A , B, C and D.  (this clasification is working)


      An ID can be in state B or C or D (that is working) but for state A, it must be in state A and at least one of B, C or D, depending on the condition for different states, but can't be in state A alone.


      Any ideas? I tried different IF and CASE expressions but can't make it work.


      Thanks in advance

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          Paul Wachtler

          Hi Felipe,


          What do you want your end result to look like?  Do you just want a count of the number of IDs in each stage?  If that's what you're looking to do then you can do something like this:


          {fixed [state]: countd([id])}


          That will count the number of distinct IDs for each state.  If you're looking to do something else, let me know.