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    Specific sheets shown in a dashboard according to actions

    Júlia Dreher

      Hi all,


      I´m developing a dashboard, that is supposed to show all the strategic company KPIs. Each KPI has a specific name registered into te column Name. I developed a Panel where there´s a list of KPIs and according to the name selected, another Panel is opened using the name as a filter. I have used actions to solve this.


      Considering this cenario today all the KPIs are presented the same way, according to the sample attached, because the same sheet is used for all of them.




      1) Is it possible somehow to change the Sheet used according the Name filtered using an Action or another way?




      If a click in any Name line, the same graph is shown (Gráfico 1, Gráfico 2 e Gráfico 3).


      For example, Métrica 1 is good to analyse in a pizza graph, but Métrica 2 is better to analyse using bars.



      2) Considering that for some KPIs some analisys don´t make sense, is it possible to develop a test and don´t show a sheet into a panel considering some rules?


      Por example, for Métrica 2, I would like to show blank or a message were for Métrica 1 Gráfico 2 is presented.



      Can you please help me with this or give me some other examples you have used to solve questiones like this.