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    Displaying Origin location and destinations in range on same map?


      Hi all another mapping query from me this time I have a workbook showing shop locations and those within range based on a distance parameter.


      In the attached example (versions 10.5 and 2018.3) I've only included data for one shop (FF0004).


      I have a distance parameter ranging from 0.5km up to 3km in stages.


      The table allows me to show all shops within range of the origin and also display the distance.


      I want to know if it also possible to show this on a map?


      So if I set the distance to 3km I can see the origin shop in one colour and all the other shops in range in another colour. This would also need to change when I change the value of the distance.


      Hope this is possible as it would prove a nice addition to the table.


      I've already had a try and connecting tables with various type joins and also a union to no effect.


      Thanks in advance.

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