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    Help:  Just want to divide totals but the calculation is happening at line item level (Cost Per Unit)


      Driving me nuts and the searches in this forum have not led me to a quick answer.


      Basically I'm trying to divide the sum's as shown in the visual below - -  Cost Absorption/KGs.


      Trycpuagain is my attempt which has failed in many different ways.  I believe it's doing the division at the row level details and then summing up.  As an example I'd expect November 2017 to render .076 and I'm getting .357


      Note that Kgs and Cost Absorption both a LOD calculations as I was having multiple values showing up and needed to normalize the totals (hence why different than Actual Amount CC$ and Actual GR Quantity)



      My current formula for trycpuagain is listed below; if I add sum or anything else it seems to red out and have aggregation issues.



      Any help would be greatly appreciated! 

      P.S.  Not pasting the workbook as it contains confidential data