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    Grand Total Calculation Not Correct

    Oyem Badinga

      Hi Everyone,


      I have a vehicles used for the transport goods. Every day allowance for the vehicle is 7000 XAF. As the column is repeating for multiple trip rows.

      To get exact allowance per i used average. like avg(allowance).

      Now in the grand total i wanted to see the total allowance allocated for that vehicle in that week. In my report grand total is coming as 7000. see the example below




      Date                          Allowance

      19/11/2018                    7000

      20/11/2018                    7000

      21/11/2018                    7000

      22/11/2018                    7000

      23/11/2018                    7000


      Grand Total                   7000



      Actually for the entire week the allowance for that vehicle should come as 35000. How can i change only grand total as sum but every day it should be average.

      Please help me out!