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    Use action to set current value in parameter

    Jeff Dermody

      Hi everyone,

      I have a question regarding parameters and filter actions.

      I have a file with two dashboard tabs, one tab is a summary of KPIs, the second tab shows detailed information on a specific KPI. All the views on the second tab are controlled by a parameter. Main visual can be either bar graph, line graph, map etc, so all these are stacked on top of one another in a single container, and controlled by a parameter.

      On the summary tab what I would like to do is set up an action so that when a user selects a mark on the summary view, the details view is filtered to the correct KPI by updating the current value in the parameter (all fields are linked by a unique ID number which populates the list of parameter values.

      I tried using an action filter, but did not see anyway to include the parameter in the action.

      Does anyone know if this is possible to do? If not, does anyone have a suggestion for a workaround?

      I'm still in the process of anonymizing the data so I can post an example will add it ASAP