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    Export shp file from twbx

    Artem Popov

      Hi all!


      There is a dashboard I've created based on several sources: excel files, csv and shapefile for custom regions on map.

      So I'm going to create twbx file for client and send it via email. Doesn't matter if client could extract excel source data from the file,

      but I need to be absolutely sure if he's not able to extract shp-file out there because it is licensed and I paid for the license.

      Can you please clarify - If it possible or not? And if it so, what is the way of extraction?


      Thank you!

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          Kent Marten

          Hi Artem,


          There is no way to export a Shapefile from a .twbx.
          There is no published method for reading the spatial contents of an extract; specifically no method for generating an output in a format like WKT, that could be used to recreate the source data.




          Kent M.

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