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    Interactive filters on dashboard

    Milosz Lesnik


      I would like to connect two filters on dashboard. On the dashboard I have a chart with managers and on the right side of dashboard I have a filter with their employees. When I click on one manager the filter on the right doesn't show only his employees but it still shows all of employees. Is it possible that when I click on 1 manager the filter on the right will show me only his employees?





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          Akram Ebrahim

          Hi Milosz


          Refer this link which clearly explained about the cascading filter.


          On the employee filter choose Only relevant values.


          From one worksheet we can filter information for other sheets in the same dashboard using actions.

          Actions - Tableau

          Keep manager information in one sheet, Choose Use as Filter

          Now you can filter the selected manager information to on the employee worksheet

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            Milosz Lesnik


            thnak you so much for answering but I have one more question. An option "only relevant values" works only with filters which are located on the right of dashboard but I prefer to filter data by clicking left button of mouse on specific info on dashboard. When I do so, filters on the right does not change.

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              Akram Ebrahim

              Hi Milosz,


              Good day!


              Only relevant value option by default comes only when you do right click on mouse. This as per default windows operating system standard, Unfortunately not any workaround to change this behaviour.


              Left Click to select or apply actions.

              Right Click to choose and see the properties of an object.


              This only relevant values option will not be available on tableau server or tableau public web interface once you published the dashboards. This only available on the tableau desktop developer.


              Hope this clarify your doubts. Mark this response as helpful and correct if you not having any further questions.

              Anything else let me know!



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