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    Tableau Embebbed on public webpage

    Jaime Freire



      We currently have 2 different situations where we were planning to use Tableau, but we have several doubts about how licensing is being used in each of the cases...


      First one is to publish some dashboards in a intranet webpage, some "fancy" and "marketing" like dashboards in order to show it internally so anyone can see Tableau when they access the web.


      How is this licensing working? Do we have to license the whole company? Can we use only 1 Tableau user specificly created to view this dashboards?


      Second one is to embed it also in an intranet webpage, but we want to filter the information by the department the user belongs to, we have the same scenario, we don't know the amount of users that are going to access this intranet webpage, I assume we could filter the dashboard by passing through from the webpage the parameter "department" so we filter that dashboard directly without having to apply row level security in the dashboard... But we still have doubts about how licensing would work in those cases...


      Said this, does someone has more information about how Tableau embebbed licensing is working? Because for me seems a bit odd that you need to license a whole company if you want to show something in your intranet... Or just imagine we would like to show it publicly in the webpage... You cannot license every single user that is going to access to your web, right?


      Kind Regards!