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    ISNULL not working

    Nic G

      Any idea why this is not working I want to highlight Nulls?  It does not put 'Yes' next to nulls ???


      IF ISNULL([Export Control Status]) THEN 'Yes'



      If I add "NOT" to the statement it recognizes non nulls.


      IF NOT ISNULL([Export Control Status]) THEN 'Yes'


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          Jim Dehner

          Good morning Nic

          Can't tell without seeing your data but there are 2 types of nulls - one where there is a record with no data in it - and the other where there is no record for the combination of dimensions in the viz


          the 3 records in the rows 2-4 are an example of the second type - isnull will not find them - try using a lookup function like - ifnull(lookup(dimension),0,'Your string value') 

          Lookup is a table calculation that you will have to set up correctly depending on the dimensions in your viz


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            Nic G

            Thanks Jim, your correct I'd been playing with my Data Source.