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    Set action -- invalid filter


      Hello experts,


      I'm using the new feature of tableau 2018.3 and here I meet a question.


      See the attached workbook.


      I create a DATE (SET) from Date (Dimensions) and I put it into filters in Sheet13.

      And then I go to Dashboard--Actions--Set action (source sheets: sheet13 & 13(2), target set: DATE)


      And then problem comes, when I select date in sheet 13, it shows errors.

      The worksheet "sheet 13" contains errors. The following will be removed : The field 'DATE' has an invalid filter


      The DATE(SET) then with red "!"


      Does anyone has similar experience and can offer some help?




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          Julien Couffinhal

          Hi YT,


          Unfortunately I do not have a solution to this problem either but I have the same issue.


          Therefore, I notice that my Set Actions didn't work with "date" as well, I didn't have any problem with string.


          I opened a case with Tableau customer support, I will share on this thread if I learn anything.





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            Julien Couffinhal

            Alright, I found a solution for my case which might help you.


            It seems that with your date filters, you might have to put everyone on discreet or everyone in continuous in the sheet which is the source of your Set action...


            As soon as I did this, my problem disappeared


            Not great because there are some visuals which can only appear with one or another... but it does the job until someone finds something more elegant.

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              Hi Julien


              Thank you for your suggestions.


              Yesterday I figure out why it's happened.

              It is because I directly create set from [DATE]--date and when I do customer date first and it becomes number.

              Then it works.


              And I think the key is set can be string, number but no a date.