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    Extracting dimension sub-categories for calculation purposes (2018.2)

    Matt Faber

      So I'm a freshly minted new user, trying to build a workbook to analyse trends in Farebox (= transit tickets sold) for different bus service Contract regions.  Farebox is divided into discrete ticket type sub-categories (Adult, Adult single trip, Child, Child single trip, etc - see below) and my database records the number of tickets sold, per whole-month, by each of these types, for each of a dozen Contract regions.


      I want to run calculations such as measuring the percentage of each Contract region's total Farebox that is made up of all Adult ticket types, so that I can track the change in this percentage over time.  I'm having trouble extracting the sub-categories of the rolled-up Farebox dimension in a form for which I can create one or more calculated fields.  I'm assuming that I need to convert the Farebox dimension (or a duplicate of this?) into a measure, but do not know how to proceed...


      Assistance will be welcome!  I'll try to clarify the request if needed.







      Adult Single Bus Trip 1

      Adult Single Bus Trip 2

      Adult Single Bus Trip 3


      Child/Youth Single Bus Trip 1

      Child/Youth Single Bus Trip 2

      Child/Youth Single Bus Trip 3



      Free Travel

      School Student


      Day Pass Child/Youth w/o SAF

      Day Pass without SAF