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    Tableau Server Worker Nodes Drivers

    Richard Silva



      Is there a way to synchronize the drivers between the worker nodes?

      Previously we have a 3-node cluster (Primary Server + 2 Worker Nodes). 2 additional worker nodes were provisioned for our server but when I tried configuring them the refresh extracts are encountering the error of not having the correct drivers installed. I tried installing the necessary drivers but when I tried running the extracts, it again failed with the same error. Right now, I re-configured the worker nodes to not have backgrounder on them so that no refresh extracts will run in them. Possible reason is the versions of our existing drivers and the ones that I have installed in the new nodes. With that said, I want to confirm if there is a way to synchronize all my drivers to avoid encountering issues again. I'm sorry if my explanation is vague.


      Also, I would like to confirm if there is a recommended configuration for a 5-node cluster. See screenshot below for our current configuration. Thank you.