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    How does Tableau Prep execute flows?

    Chris Dryden

      Hi there,


      I've created my first flow using Tableau Prep on my local machine using the following data sources and steps:


      • MYSQL table of user information (on a separate standalone server)
      • SQL Server table of user information (on a separate standalone server)
      • Join the two on userId
      • Build some calculated fields based on keyword matches in some of the description fields
      • Delete some redundant columns
      • Output to Hyper extract


      I was wondering how Tableau Prep actually processes the data when you run the flow?  Is there any literature on:


      • How does Tableau Prep bring the data in?  Does it grab all of the data from the databases in one big batch and store it in cache somehow? If so where is this stored?
      • How does it apply the calculated columns?  Does it do this when it grabs the data or when the data is in the cache?
      • Does Tableau Prep do all the data cleansing/pivoting/aggregation steps it can offer in memory on the local machine it's running on?


      If I could get some pointers on where to read up on this that would be great.