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    Best way to drill down from State to City

    darren bridger



      I've been trying to follow this guide in the Knowledge Base on how to zoom on maps.  https://kb.tableau.com/articles/howto/zooming-in-on-map-selection

      I have even downloaded the accompanying workbook but can't seem to get the desired effect.  Whereas the zoom in the guide (shown in this vid: How to zoom-in on map selection in Tableau - YouTube ) allows you to click in and out of a specific State, my version zooms, but not at specific to one state.  Also I can't zoom out.


      On another note, I have tried to rank each state based on the quantity of items sold - rank works in tabular form (see "Ranking" tab) but not with a map.  Any idea why not?


      Workbook attached.  Thanks in advance for any help,