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    Measure not affected by Filter

    Gaytri k

      Hi team,


      have 3 measures to show in a horizontal bar chart.

      1. count of Employees

      2.  their Incidents count

      3. Ratio of incidents to employees


      . But when i'm trying to filter for a particular product, i want the employee number to be constant and only the incident numbers change and show all the locations where Employees are present.


      Below is the chart without Product filter which shows all the 6 office locations :

      In the below chart, i have applied filter for product (RSA SecurID): and now it shows only 2 office locations (Remote & Hamburg) where there are employees who raised RSA SecurID incidents and other locations are not at all visible.


      so, please help me, how do i make all 6 office locations visible even when filter is applied for product.


      Thanks in advance for any help.