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    Finding abortive treatments

    Rogier Koning

      Hi We're a small patient group with Cluster headaches and we try to do our own research to find our best treatments. To do so we collect data about our symptoms and treatments hoping it can help showing the effectiveness of these treatments.



      We have over 10.000 datapoint right now and we are looking to find all treatments that had a treatment and which one, and those that don't have treatments. With this data we hope to be able to take at the intensity, duration and frequence of attacks.


      I have had already an example to filter a column called Abortive treatments out of the data by joing one datafile as inner joint, But I can't get it to work with an small extract of our data. Can somebody see what the problem could be?

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          Rogier Koning

          Forgot to mention:

          Abortive treatments are those we take when an attack occurs. So what we try to do is find those items (out of any group if possible, minus other symptoms) that have a date and time that is near a timestamp of a symptom, 


          So we try to compare on time, I think its now set at 15 minutes and only medicine.


          We have various groups in our app. Symptoms is about what we feel. All other groups are treatments and interventions to feel better.

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            Yuriy Fal

            Hi Rogier,


            I've been looking for your posts and I'd like to help.

            Could you please DM me (my email is in the Profile).