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    Time to reach some cumulative value per customer

    Jivan Roquet

      Given a raw list of transactions similar to the following (this is the raw data source):




      1) I want to evaluate, for each customer, the time between this customer's first transaction ever, and the moment this customer reaches $1,000 of (so-far) lifetime value.


      Hypothetical example: customer A reached $1,000 of LTV in 62 days, while customer B reached the same LTV in 45 days.


      2) Then, I want to be able to use this time-to-reach-some-LTV as a dimension/measure, that I can re-use in various charts. For instance, I'd want to plot the distribution of time-to-LTV for various customer segments, or to plot the average time-to-LTV as a function of customer's first shop he made his first transaction in. Or, I'd like to plot the average customer LTV (current) based on bins of time-to-reach-some-LTV. For instance, what's the current average LTV for customers who reached $1,000 in 20-30 days? And what's the average LTV for customers who reached $1,000 in 30-40 days?


      Q: What would be the best way to accomplish both these things in Tableau (using Tableau Desktop)?