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    What-if analysis using R forecasting in tableau

    avinash v

      Hello Friends,


      I have successfully  integrated the tableau with R. and implemented some time series modelling algorithms in tableau .Until then it is fine . Now in our recent requirement i has to do  what-if analysis using multiple variables and has to show  the time series predicted values using forecasting methods.Please help me out in writing and implementing R code in tableau.


      For instance: I am having three measures (a,b,c) .

      measure 1= a,

      measure 2 =b,

      measure 3 = c


      Based on the measure values of a & b ,I has to predict the future values of "c"  by using time series modelling algorithms using R programming in tableau .


      Please help me out in writing out the algorithm of R in tableau . Any ideas /solutions will be helpful