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    Getting 406 error

    Santhosh Sekar



      Getting this error sometime while processing vizalerts.exe. In my environment, the vizalerts is scheduled to run every 30mins and the input here is an excel sheet where I have the workbook/view that should be triggered during the scheduled time. Can anyone assist here??



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          Santhosh Sekar

          Please let me know if any further information required.

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            Matt Coles

            "406" is the error that Tableau Server sends back when you request to export a viz, and it fails to load for some reason. It's really not an appropriate error code, because it's actually a problem with your viz, or possibly Tableau Server itself.


            To troubleshoot, load the viz in your browser. It should fail in some way, shape, or form, and you can troubleshoot from there.

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              Santhosh Sekar

              The viz is working fine when i try to open it. Anyways ill try check the dashboard again and republish it and update here if everything works fine as expected.


              Thank you Matt.

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                Matt Coles

                Check permissions for the subscriber account you're using, and ensure that any credentials required to connect to the DB back-end are embedded. Might be one of those two. If this is an intermittent problem, it could also be a problem with the Tableau Server service itself--vizql could be crashing, for example. VizAlerts ends up working decently as monitoring software for Tableau Server sometimes, because it tends to reveal problems like this more than your users would!

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                  Santhosh Sekar

                  Hi Matt,


                  The account I'm using here have "Administrator" access and the DB credentials are embedded.


                  So in that case, there might be chances we will face such issues in future? Because, it creates chaos unnecessarily to the operation team.


                  Thank you

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                    Matt Coles

                    Hard to say without root cause analysis. Again though, a 406 always means that Tableau Server could not render the viz. It is not a problem with VizAlerts, it's either a problem with the viz, with Server, or with the database the viz connects to. Do you have Splunk, or some other log indexing system that would let you search the Server logs for the viz load when you received the 406? With some digging, it should reveal the issue.


                    You could also do some analysis with the TS Web Requests data source that I created to help monitor requests to Tableau Server. With that, you'd filter for the Item Repository URL of the viz you wanted to look at, then pull out Created At (local) to Columns, and then Status Code to Color. Then you'll be able to see how often this alert is failing, and pinpoint the times that it did. It won't give you any error details, unfortunately, but you can keep an eye on things that way. Here you can see that I've got a couple of failures on one of my alerts in the past--I believe these were problems with the back-end database:



                    Based on that info, you could narrow your search through the logs, or you could also decide to set the number of retries on the alert higher, if you're seeing that after a few requests, it works. Increasing to three, for example, might help lower the risk that it would give up after only one try.


                    But really the best option here is to dig in and figure out what the real problem is, and work on fixing that.