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    Custom SQL Font / Cursor Location


      I use Custom SQL queries to a MySQL database.  When I edit the query, the SQL in the pop-up window appears to be in the Courier New font.  When I attempt to place the cursor at a location within the SQL, to insert or delete some characters, the cursor location does not match the location it appears to be in the text. In the example below, I click in the space between "distinct" and "business_unit" and then click backspace twice.  Instead of the characters on the end of the word "distinct" being removed, the "us" in "business" was deleted. Is this just me?  Does anyone else see this issue?   Hmmm...  In preparing the images below, I found a symptom.  The one on the left is from my laptop screen.  The one on the right was from an attached monitor with a different screen resolution.  When the "Edit Custom SQL" box is on the laptop screen it works properly.  Help!!!