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    Venn Diagram and Action filter Viz Help

    Sriram Anantha Padmanaban

      I need a help to get some business data in a Venn diagram format

      How I want is Product and Duplicate of Product list can be any selection (Multiselection) and size of the Venn or circle should be propositional to the sum(value). (Bigger and smaller circle if possible) The intersection should show the overlapping value. Can you advise me any Idea? I am struggling to represent it using filters.


      Action filter:

      Is there any way to filter the data based on an action filter for showing only selected values i.e clicking on 340 should only show C,E,F,G,H records in Data Sheet of the dashboard or clicking on 128 only showing B,C,E in Datasheet or clicking on 108 showing C,E Records in Datasheet (A U B)

      Your timely help is much appreciated!



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      Note: I can't use a parameter because of Multiselect option


      Attached twb for your reference